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Company Culture

On the bank of Lushan Mountain and the shore of Kuncheng Lake, Jiangsu Yitong High-Tech Co., Ltd. has formed a technology research and development advantage, product brand advantage and customer resource advantages through more than ten years of hard work and hard work in the field of broadcasting and television industry transmission. A high-tech enterprise with industry competitiveness and independent innovation capability. The struggle experience over the years has made us deeply feel the hardships of entrepreneurship, the importance of development, the necessity of innovation, and the value of integrity. Only by persisting in the industry and adhering to the spirit of artisans can enterprises be more stable and sustainable. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of “Honesty, Steady Management” and the management policy of “Innovative Design, Precision Manufacturing, Quality First, Service Quality” for a long time, and constantly pursues and realizes “update, finer and better” on the development road. Enterprise's goal.

In the face of the increasingly fierce market competition environment, we have cherished and worked harder. We are grateful for this era, grateful for all the efforts, we will not forget the hardships of the past, and we will not lose our past fighting spirit. We are carried as a public company. Hope and social responsibility will be greater. It is a wise man who needs to be arrogant, to be strong, to surpass himself. We will continue to adhere to the ideals, aggregate the power of scientific and technological documents, and strive for the glory of innovation and realize new dreams!

Enterprise tenet, honesty, steady operation; cooperation with Yitong, contact with sincerity;

Corporate goals, newer, more refined, and better;

Business philosophy, the company pursues excellence, innovation leads the future; integrity wins the world, service achieves the brand;

Management policy, innovative design, precision manufacturing; quality first, service quality;

Enterprise development concept, science and technology development, integrity management, quality first, innovation and development;