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Talents Wanted

Only talents are the best, both talents and talents are available, and people do their best to make the best use of them and develop together.
Human resources is the most precious and dynamic “first resource” of Yitong. It is the source of value creation and a strategic resource for maintaining and developing the company's sustainable competitiveness.
Only talents: continue to broaden the channels for talent introduction and selection, discover, cultivate, exercise, and boldly use talents, cultivate and strengthen the talent team, and provide renewable power for enterprise development.
Both ability and political integrity: there are talents and talents, must be reused; there is no talent, no training, no morality, no use, no need to be talented, resolutely not. By improving the quality of talents in enterprises, we will build a talent structure with both ability and political integrity.
People do their best: Explore the bright spots of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee, integrate talent resources, and promote the company to enter the fast lane of healthy development.
Only make the best use: keenly discover the individual characteristics of each employee, put the talents in the most appropriate position, and apply the advantages of the employees to the most suitable work.
Co-development: We are committed to the common growth of our employees. We hope that employees will maintain their vitality and health on the road of growth, promote simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships between teams, and provide employees with a broad stage to show themselves and achieve themselves.

Contact information

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