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Smart city management
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Yitong Technology Safe City Construction Project is a modern public security technology built by the public security organs in the context of the current social governance pattern of joint construction and sharing, using modern technology technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. The system realizes the goal of “public domain coverage, network-wide sharing, full-time availability, and full-process control” for public security video surveillance.
Comprehensive use of video surveillance, IOT acquisition and other technologies, through visual application and off-site law enforcement means to explore new methods of rapid event handling and off-site law enforcement supervision, to promote the remote identification, disposal, supervision, evaluation and archiving of urban management issues. Improve the level of comprehensive law enforcement at the source of governance through intelligent application, reduce the possibility of on-site law enforcement conflicts, improve the ability to respond quickly to emergencies, standardize pre-warning of urban management, deal with matters in the future, and collect evidence afterwards to improve the efficiency and management of urban management execution. Service Level.
System logic architecture
System deployment architecture