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Safe city
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Yitong Technology Safe City Construction Project is the most extensive coverage and optimal for the public security organs under the background of the current social governance pattern of joint construction and sharing, using modern technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. Network support, the strongest computing power, the best application effect, the intelligent public security video surveillance construction network application system. The goal of building a networked application for public safety video surveillance with "global coverage, network-wide sharing, full-time availability, and full control" is realized.
Safe City Construction Project Objectives:
1. Build a public safety video private network that can access multi-level, multi-domain, multi-platform and multi-industry video resources; build a comprehensive application of public security video image information that integrates all-network video resources and provides industry-wide video sharing and support services. platform.
2. Based on the basic applications of video data collection, storage, analysis, application, management, etc., provide big data analysis applications based on face, human body and vehicle information, for public security, command center, criminal investigation, traffic police, network security, and Kexin Provide value services in the business development of departments and police.
3. Based on relevant normative standards, rationally plan, integrate and apply all kinds of video data, and do a good job in piloting and storing data resources for building “public security big data”.
Logical architecture
The overall design of the system follows the relevant standard specifications and security assurance system. The logical architecture is divided into four layers from top to bottom, which are: application service layer, platform service layer, data service layer and infrastructure layer.
Topology architecture
The system construction covers the upgrade and expansion of multi-dimensional video intelligent sensing nodes and county (district) video application systems.