A meritocracy, having both ability and political integrity, which people use, common development.

Human resource is the most precious, most vibrant million tong "the first resource", is the source of creating value, maintain and development company sustained competitiveness is strategic resources.
A meritocracy: continue to widen the channel of the talent introduction and select, find, nurture and exercise, bold use of talent, training talent team, to provide renewable power for enterprise development.
Having both ability and political integrity: DE only, a reuse; Is, not only must cultivate; No, no, only a certain need not; No, talented, resolute don't. By improving the enterprise personnel quality, build the talent structure of having both ability and political integrity.
Men: dig into each employee's sparkle, give full play to each employee's strengths, integration of resources, to promote healthy development of the enterprise into the fast lane.
Use: keen found that each employee's personality characteristics, the talent on the most appropriate location, use the advantage of employees in the most suitable work.
Common development, we are committed to and staff grow up together, want employees on the way to grow to keep vitality, health, advocating simple, harmonious interpersonal relationship between team, to provide staff show ego, to realize the broad stage of self.

Contacts:Yu Shen