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Yitong Technology Exhibition CCBN2016 Exhibition

Yitong Technology Exhibition CCBN2016 Exhibition

Company news
2019/06/26 17:35

China International Radio and television information network (CCBN2016) was successfully held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center in March 24, 2016. Yitong technology is radio, film and television industry specialized in radio and TV network equipment manufacturers, 10 years solid roots in radio and television industry, companies in the exhibition exhibited CMC, PLC, optical receiver, D/V ONU, RFoG and products, better for the radio and television network operators to provide high performance, full range, more features of a new generation of products to meet the construction of a generation of radio and television broadcasting network operators. 
Over the years, Yitong technology has always been for the radio and television industry development, combined with market demand, continuous product innovation, focus on the radio and television industry customer needs, adhere to independent research and development, and promote a series of products and solutions.