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YTDC Series Mini-CMTS
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YTDC Series Mini-CMTS

●Support DOCSIS3.0, C-DOCSIS standard, working with all cable modem based on DOCSIS, support both EURO DOCSIS and DOCSIS.
●16 DS channel bounding, 64 / 256 / 1024 QAM modulation mode optional. Data rate could reach up to 1.1Gbps @ 1024QAM.
●4 US channel bounding, support QPSK, 3-8 grade QAM mode, data rate could reach up to 160Mbps.
●Flexible on the quantity of channel bounding, convenient planning of channel resource.
●Layer 3 routing functions, support static route, VLAN, NAT and DHCP relay agent.
●Support GE RJ45 port and SFP on WAN port, convenient and flexible.
●Built-in DHCP/TFTP server, support PPPoE.
●Load balancing based on quantity of CM either DS or US.
●Support IPV6, multicast function.
●QoS based on service flow, ensure bandwidth needs for various services.
●Ensure network transmission safety via various kinds of methods such as BPI+, CM identification, anti-DOS attack, user isolation and IP source checking.
●Support US channel spectrum analysis via Web and NMS management

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