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RF PON product is to use the RFoG (RF over glass) technique, namely on the optical fiber transmission based on RF business access network solutions. Structure is the use of passive optical network (PON) instead of the HFC network cable FTTX network. The uplink and downlink transmission can use different wavelengths of light, sharing the same optical fibers under the typical application is 1550, 1310 or 1590 upward, using 1590 upward, can make the RF PON network support standard PON network (1490, 1490), also can use double fibre for transmission. Forward channel on RF PON network and traditional HFC networks are exactly the same, the dependent transport operations; The fundamental difference between on the back channel. RF reverse launch PON optical nodes work in "burst" mode, adopt and CMTS same time-division multiplexing (TDM) technology to control light node "sudden", so as to achieve at any given moment, only allow a light with CMTS head end node, great improvement in noise. RF PON is completely transparent transmission technology, can fully meet the operator's full service access.
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●Essentially overcome all kinds of traditional HFC feedback channel intrusive noise interference, NPR significantly improved. 
●Multiple node corresponding to a reverse light receiver, reverse receiver front-end computer room and construction
costs are lower. 
●Fiber dosage is significantly reduced, not only significantly reduce fiber, it also greatly reduces the cost of fiber laying. 
●Wider uplink frequency spectrum. 
●Delivery of a variety of rf to support other technology: business (such as CM, STB, etc.) can provide transparent
●Small amount of maintenance and high reliability, significantly simplify the system architecture, maintenance
convenient, quick, greatly improve network reliability. 
●System can be easily smooth upgrade to FTTH (PON network is adopted). 
●In single fiber architecture on integrated RF and IP business.
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