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YTF5128/YTF5228HB-I series optical workstation


Product overview:
YTF5228HB-I series optical workstation is a two-way optical node device specially designed for the FTTB topology of cable TV HFC man. Using modular design, configuration flexible; radio frequency board according to 1000MHz transmission bandwidth design; two independent GaAs module or four way distribution of high output, can be directly to 300 to 200 users to provide high indicator signal.

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Functional characteristics: 
  The whole structure adopts modular design, which can be flexibly configured according to the actual requirement of the user.
  Two independent GaAs Power double port output power output module; 112dBuv (pingda two independent), 108dBuv (four distribution).
  Positive light receiving module according to user needs to design a different range of optical AGC function.
  The forward channels are provided with independent duplex, balanced, attenuation and independent online monitoring ports. 
  The reverse channel is provided with independent attenuation, three state noise switch and on-line monitoring port. 
  Product reserved network management responder interface, interface to follow the HMS SCTE network management standards and IEC network management standards.


Product parameters:
Configuration instructions:
  Type A full match:1 receiving, 2 post, single power supply and transponder.
  Type B full match:1 receiving, 1 rounds, single power supply. 
  Type C full match:2 receiving, 2 post, single power supply and transponder. 
Physical dimension:

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