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> Network Adapter YTGHC-51N4-0
Page view: Network Adapter YTGHC-51N4-0

ITU standard is one of the fastest growing technologies for gigabit delivery on both broadband access & home-networking segments. YTGHC is designed to achieve unmatched user experience in high-definition IPTV networks, offering full home coverage and best performance connectivity at up to 1 Gbps PHY rate for multimedia audio/video streaming. Its transmission speed can be fit for any bandwidth-intensive home applications such as IPTV, OTT TV, multi-room DVR, video surveillance, and gaming. Energy saving features and easy plug-and-play installation.
●On-chip remote management support (TR-069)
●Neighboring networks interference mitigation
●Optimized power consumption with power saving mode
●Link quality indicator: With a three-color LED, three different levels of link quality can be shown in the receiver adapter.
●LDPC forward error correction provides enhanced FEC over all wire media
●Automatic PHY block level error detection and retransmission
●Enhanced Selective repeat ARQ based ACK for improved integrity in noisy channels
●Robust Communication Mode for high noise environments


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