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YTHG Series Home Gateway

YTHG series home gateway is an intelligent access device targeting at domestic consumers and appears with the birth of the concept of home network. It can realize that multiple devices share Internet network connections, and enter families as a comprehensive AP (access point) of various communication services in the future. Moreover, it provides a WIFI wireless access function, can expand the scope of wireless network, provides a stable transmission rate, and is compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard at the same time, provides home network with a simple, economic, high-performance and standard network solution and has the features of simple, flexible, convenient installation, superior performance, high cost performance, etc., greatly enhancing a high-quality triple-play experience of voice, high-speed data and HD video.
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●Have a WAN interface, four LAN interfaces and a wireless network function;
●Have loop detection, broadcast storm control and port isolation functions;
●Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN function, and the uplink port supports VLAN Trunk function;
●Support IGMPv2, IGMP Snooping, IGMP Proxy and other second layer multicast functions;
●Upstream and downstream bandwidth allocation, bandwidth allocation granularity <256kbps;
●Support802.1p-based priority management;
●Support whitelist, blacklist and URL filtering functions;
●Support multiple SSID functions, achieve multi-service support, and support hidden SSID function;
●Have a higher security and support WEP, WPA-PSK and many other encryption methods;
●Support Web and many other types of management methods.
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