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YTF46/47 series bidirectional amplifier


Product overview
YTF46/47 bi-directional amplifier RF circuit design to 1000 MHz bandwidth; forward channel using a single-stage push-pull module amplification, is applicable for extension, user amplifier using in HFC network.

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Functional characteristics:
  Forward channel using a single-stage push-pull amplifier module
  Positive gain 24 ~ 30dB optional; reverse gain 18 ~ 24dB optional. 
  If the reverse amplifier module uses a straight through mode, it can be used as a EoC amplifier. 
  The forward channel is provided with first stage attenuation and equalization, and the reverse channel is provided with two stage attenuation and one level equalization. 
  Both the positive and reverse channels are provided with an online detection port and a reverse debugging signal insertion port, which is convenient for the installation and debugging of the users and the maintenance of the project. 
  Using high performance switching power supply or transformer, with perfect overvoltage and over current protection function, three level lightning protection.

Product parameters:
Configuration instructions 
  YTF46/47 switching power supply:single or two way distribution of output. 
  YTF46/47 transformer type:single or two way distribution of output.
Physical dimension
  YTF46/47 switching power supply type: 242*195*108mm
  YTF46/47 transformer type: 230*200*82mm

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