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YTF46/47 series bidirectional amplifier

YTF46/47 bi-directional amplifier RF circuit design to 1000 MHz bandwidth; forward channel using a single-stage push-pull module amplification, is applicable for extension, user amplifier using in HFC network.
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●Forward channel using a single-stage push-pull amplifier module
●Positive gain 24 ~ 30dB optional; reverse gain 18 ~ 24dB optional. 
●If the reverse amplifier module uses a straight through mode, it can be used as a EoC amplifier. 
●The forward channel is provided with first stage attenuation and equalization, and the reverse channel is provided
with two stage attenuation and one level equalization. 
●Both the positive and reverse channels are provided with an online detection port and a reverse debugging signal
insertion port, which is convenient for the installation and debugging of the users and the maintenance of the project. 
●Using high performance switching power supply or transformer, with perfect overvoltage and over current protection
function, three level lightning protection.
Configuration instructions 
  YTF46/47 switching power supply:single or two way distribution of output. 
  YTF46/47 transformer type:single or two way distribution of output.
Physical dimension
  YTF46/47 switching power supply type: 242*195*108mm
  YTF46/47 transformer type: 230*200*82mm
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