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RF amplifier YTF5233H-TD


Product overview:

RF amplifier is mainly used for the front end of the cable television station and the front room, as HFC network downlink signal transmission device, the input signal amplification to customers for the desired signal level, the distribution network is used as light level transmitter driving signal source.

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Functional characteristics:
1, RF amplifier gain 20dB, 22dB, 26dB, 30dB and other specifications, according to the user's requirements to adjust the gain value. 
2, the built-in two-stage amplification and pre selection of Low Noise GaAs push-pull module, output stage selection of high performance GaAs power doubler module. To ensure excellent RF amplifier output indicators. 
3, the built-in AGC/MGC function, can be switched to set, AGC reference level can be set; built-in power balance, all support the front panel menu settings. 
4, the input / output terminals are designed with high pass filter, to isolate the link noise; and a module overvoltage protection circuit, to prevent the impact of static electricity and low frequency impact, in order to ensure the reliability of the module. 
5, choose high performance switching power supply, optional double power supply hot backup mode, in order to ensure the reliability of the equipment.
6, the choice of MCU control circuit, monitoring equipment parameters to ensure equipment is in the state of optimal operation, the front panel LCD screen can monitor RF input / output level, AGC/MGC state control, equilibrium volume settings, AGC reference level values, and various voltage parameters and network parameters. And with the Ethernet RJ45 network management interface, in accordance with the SNMP network management protocol.

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