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YTQ series centralized distribution system
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YTQ series centralized distribution system

YTQ centralized allocation of hybrid system is mainly used for the front room of RF signal multichannel distribution or multiple mixing, so that the original chaotic RF cabling system become neat and orderly, effective way to avoid the room accidents caused by RF link faults; and according to the actual operating room environment, providing a variety of scientific and reasonable allocation scheme (or mixed) and optimize the allocation of radio signals in the computer room management.
YTQJ-A concentrated distribution of hybrid system is a 4U standard rack can plug 20 type a module box or 10 B type module box; can also be based on user requirements, a module box and type B module box of mixed.
A module module: A module design has 8 input (or output) interface, there are 1 independent monitoring port front.
B module module: B module design has 10 input (or output) interface, there are 1 independent monitoring port.
Type A and type B modules can be installed in each input (or output) port to install fixed attenuation insert according to user's request, which is convenient to adjust the circuit level.
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●Modular design, high density, flexible configuration, and effectively improve the room is not limited to the environment. 
●The front panel of each module unit is provided with an independent TVK type on-line detection port, which makes
the debugging and maintenance more convenient. 
●Each input (output) port can be provided with a continuously variable attenuator or plug and plug type fixed
attenuator, which is convenient for the adjustment of the circuit level. 
●A variety of scientific and rational distribution of the signal, the optimization of the distribution of radio frequency
signal management. 
●5-1000MHz operating bandwidth, with good flatness, high port isolation, excellent reflection index.
●Aluminum shell, reasonable structure, electromagnetic shielding coefficient of up to 100dB.
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