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Optical switch module YTOS21S-4


Optical switch module is mainly used for the front end of the cable television station and the front room, as the HFC network 1550nm downlink optical signal transmission equipment, on standby the input optical signal intelligent judgment, can quickly between the primary and backup light path signal switch, to ensure smooth ring optical network signal.

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●selection of imported high quality optical switch devices, fast switching speed, high degree of separation and isolation,
to ensure high performance indicators and high reliability. 
●with automatic switching and manual switching function, and support network management remote switch; automatic
switching, optical power switching threshold value can be set, and support the main road to restore the function of
cutting back.
●support the radio frequency detection function, detect the main preparation of the radio frequency signal in the optical
link and used to switch the optical link, the radio frequency threshold value can also be set.
●with power down and hold the function, can maintain the current input / output link state in the power down condition.
●can monitor the input / output light power, the light switch state and the condition setting, and various voltage
parameters through the optical platform liquid crystal display screen. And through the remote network monitoring
platform to realize optical switch optical module.
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