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Forward light receiving module YTOR386GM-4/YTOR386GS-4
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Forward light receiving module YTOR386GM-4/YTOR386GS-4


Product overview:
Forward optical receiver module is mainly used for the front end of the cable television station and the front room, as HFC network downlink optical / electrical signal transmission device, receiving downlink optical modulation signal conversion to RF signal, and amplifying to customers for the desired signal level, the distribution network is used as the optical module of driving signal source.

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Functional characteristics: 
1, the forward light receiving module includes two types: conventional single path optical receiving, two-way optical input band switching function. 
2, the use of high performance of imported optoelectronic integrated module, the output stage amplifier module selection of high performance GaAs module, to ensure that the optical output index is excellent. 
3, built-in AGC/MGC function, can be switched to set, support optical input control AGC mode or radio frequency output control AGC mode is optional, AGC reference point can be set; built-in power adjustment. 
4, two-way switch type optical receive built-in two photoelectric integrated module, with radio frequency switch function, can according to the main preparation light path of input optical power or radio frequency level, realize the light path automatic / manual switch. 
5, through the platform optical liquid crystal display to monitor input optical power, RF output level, AGC/MGC state control, balanced set amount, AGC reference value, and voltage parameters, two-way switch type optical transceiver switching reference light or radio frequency power level can also be set, and can be realized through the optical platform optical receiver module of remote network monitoring.

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