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Reverse optical receiver YTOR220CD-N


Ø4 independent receivers assembled in a 1U 19” standard rack.

Ø1250~1650nm wavelength range, suitable for different optical transmission systems.

Ø5~200MHz bandwidth wide enough to satisfy different CATV systems.

ØUsing excellent photodiode detector to realize photo-electric conversion.

ØExcellent low power consumption reverse amplifier design.

ØExcellent switching power supply, adapt to the wide voltage range, having high reliability.




Optical Wavelength

1250~1650 nm

Input Optical Power

-15~+2 dBm

Recommend Operation Range

-10~0 dBm

Optical Return Loss

≥45 dB

Optical Connector


RF Bandwidth

5~200 MHz

RF Output Level

≥96 dBuV

(Opin 0~-10dBm, total power in bandwidth)



Return Loss

≥16 dB


≥60 dB (Between each path)

RF Connector

F-Connector, Female

Power Consumption




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Product overview:
1, with high performance, low noise photoelectric detection tube, high sensitivity, excellent carrier to noise ratio index.
2, optical receiver built in four independent optical receiving link, the radio frequency part uses two stage low noise amplifier.
3, with light controlled AGC function, can maintain a constant output light power AGC range of not less than & plusmn; 5dB, and by setting the reference point of the optical power to achieve in the range of - 20 to + 3dbm can guarantee the machine work in the state of AGC.
4, optical receiver with three state gate control function, can be set through the menu item or remote network management three state door, convenient user positioning noise source.
5, choose high performance switching power supply, in order to ensure the reliability of the equipment.
6, choose 32 CPU microprocessor control circuit, monitoring equipment parameters to ensure that the device is in the best running state, and with the network management interface, in accordance with the SNMP network management protocol. The receiving optical power, optical power reference point setting, MGC control, three state gate setting, and various voltage parameters and network management parameters of the front panel Chinese LCD monitor can be monitored.

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