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Introduction to “Safe City” solution:
Yitong Technology’s video surveillance system based on the two-way networks of China RFTCOM consists of a front-end acquisition camera, a DVS, a NVR (network video recorder), a central management server, a streaming media server, a storage server, a mobile platform server group (including a public network server and multiple transcoding servers), a universal decoding wall-mounting server, a GIS server and other servers and clients. The storage server and the streaming media server complete media forwarding, distribution, storage, playback and other work under the centralized management of the central management server. The central management server is responsible for managing the entire system; the storage server is responsible for realizing storage, on-demand and download functions; the GIS server provides electronic map service support; the universal decoding wall-mounting server is responsible for video decoding, stitching and other functions; the video diagnostics server captures real-time code stream from the front end, and carries out intelligent analysis, judgment, and alarming regarding the quality problems of video image. Each server has their own duties, to ensure smooth video streams.
The system is based on the two-way networking features of China RFTCOM, adopting the centralized management and distributed deployment design architecture, to optimize and monitor the information traffic according to the surveillance traffic, to provide users with high-quality monitoring services.
In practical applications, the product records the action trajectory of suspects in a timely manner through the low-cost wide-coverage social surveillance cameras, and in combination with the capture mode of “capturing any people and any vehicle passing the camera” of inter-city and around-town smart HD security surveillance points, and by means of advanced video analysis software, it can directly lock the suspect on high-definition pictures, thus effectively improving the  comprehensive management of urban social security.