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Optical amplifier module YTOA200EAS-4

Optical amplifier module is mainly used for the front end of the cable television station and the front room, as 1550nm downlink optical signal in HFC network transmission equipment, and 1550nm optical transmitter with the application, in the front-end of optical signal for power amplifier, covering a wide range of optical workstation or optical receiver; or in optical fiber backbone network for relay amplification, can greatly extend the transmission distance of the signal.
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●the use of imported high quality 980nm/1480nm pump laser and erbium doped fiber to ensure the high performance
of the whole machine and reliability, high output power, low noise, with excellent flatness. 
●optical amplifier module output optical power of 14 ~ 26dBm and other specifications, and with the output power
adjustable function, adjust the range of -3.0 ~ +0.5dBm, the user can adjust the output light power according to the
actual demand. 
●excellent laser APC/ATC circuit design, the optical input / output end are equipped with optical isolator, to ensure
the optical amplifier module of the long-term stability and reliability.
●optical amplifier module input optical power range of -3 ~ +10dBm, the output optical power is kept constant, in
order to adapt to the different optical fiber link, low light input specifications can be done -8 ~ +10dBm. 
●through the platform optical liquid crystal display to monitor input / output optical power, laser bias / temperature /
cooling current, light output power switch and adjust the settings, and various voltage parameters. The remote network
management monitoring of optical amplifier module can be realized by optical platform. 
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