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1550nm direct modulation optical module YTOTA286AC-4
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1550nm direct modulation optical module YTOTA286AC-4


1550nm straight dimming module is mainly used for the front end of the cable television station and the front room, as HFC downstream electrical / optical signal transmission equipment, RF signal is converted to optical signal modulation, and 1550nm externally modulated optical signal as a narrow band application spots, or broadband RF input and can be directly used as the input signal to the amplifier light, covering a range of optical workstation or light receiver.

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 ●selection of high performance imported DFB laser, equipped with APC/ATC circuit, excellent performance index, output
power stability. ITU-T wavelength selectable. 
 ●has a built-in demultiplexing function and light power adjustable VOA function, to meet customer needs to do 1550nm
light spots. 
 ●advanced pre distortion technology and RF AGC/MGC circuit, effectively improve the nonlinear index, in the designated
RF input range to ensure the stability of the laser modulation system. 
 ●optical transmitter module is equipped with two radio frequency input, port between the amplifier circuit active isolation, with excellent RF isolation
index, makes it easy for users to broadband broadcast service or narrowband business spots of mixed input. The input
terminal is provided with a high pass filter circuit to prevent the electrostatic shock and the low frequency impact. 
 ●light hair module with digital signal compensation function, the user can make compensation settings on the menu, in
order to ensure that the digital channel in broadband applications to increase the time sent module can always be in
the AGC state. 
 ●through the platform optical liquid crystal display to monitor laser power / drift / temperature / current cooling,
redeployment of the input optical power, VOA optical power adjustment of status, RF excitation level, AGC/MGC state,
and various voltage parameters, and can be realized through the optical platform light module of remote network