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Founded in 2001, Jiangsu Yitong High-Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock listed company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of broadcast cable TV network equipment and intelligent engineering services for video surveillance. The company was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2011 (stock code: 300211, stock abbreviation: Yitong Technology). At present, the company has a registered capital of 302 million yuan, covering a total area of ​​over 50,000 square meters, and all kinds of professional and technical personnel account for more than 30% of the total number of employees.
The company is  "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise" and "Jiangsu Province Manufacturing Informatization Demonstration Project ERP Demonstration Enterprise", "Suzhou Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise", with "National Post-doctoral research station ", "Jiangsu Province Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation". The company has self-support import and export rights, and has the qualification certificate for design, construction and maintenance of security engineering enterprises, and the qualification for electronic and intelligent engineering contracting.
The company currently has more than 30 production lines, equipped with imported high-speed automatic placement machine, reflow soldering machine, wave soldering machine, screen printing machine and other production equipment. At the same time, it has introduced test instruments and environmental tests in the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. More than 200 sets of equipment for process aging screening, with an annual production capacity of 4 million units (pieces), can fully meet the needs of product development and production testing to ensure product quality.
The company's current production of radio and television industry network equipment belongs to the industry of broadcast television transmission and transmission equipment. The company's products mainly include: front-end optical transmission equipment, optical workstations, optical transmission platforms, RF-PON products, optical transmitters, optical receivers, optical amplifiers and other cable TV optical transmission equipment; digital optical workstations, GEPON, ONU, MoCA, Next-generation cable TV network data devices such as HomePlug and C-DOCSIS, and next-generation home interconnect products including home gateway series, as well as CATV coaxial cable transmission equipment such as trunk amplifiers, passive components, and user terminals. The company's intelligent monitoring engineering services are mainly for social security dynamic monitoring services and weak electricity intelligent projects. The comprehensive design of solutions for different customers mainly includes feasibility studies, different program design, project implementation, operation and maintenance management and other services.
Based on the development tenet of “Honesty, Steady Management”, the company adheres to the management policy of “Innovative Design, Precision Manufacturing, Quality First”, and constantly pursues “update, finer and better”, and continuously promotes technological innovation and is different. Customers provide quality services, and sincerely hope to establish extensive cooperation with customers, go hand in hand, create brilliant!   
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